TLL Podcast #47 – Snowflake Solos

One-of-a-kind Solos, Swinging Rhythm, and Air Ukulele

On this week’s Thursday Live Lesson (AKA the Receptacle of Useless Knowledge), Magic Mike graces us with his presence yet again. Light on music theory questions, Mike still schools us on jazz history, swing rhythm, and a fancy concept called rotary time perception. First up, Aldrine talks a bit about practicing strumming and rhythm without an ukulele. The guys also discuss the unique quality of each solo or musical performance.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:20 How do you practice strumming and rhythm without an ukulele?

8:35 A brief Jazz history lesson

9:50 Two Parts to Rhythm (Internal Rhythm and Locking In)

14:10 An exercise for improving rhythm

18:40 Aldrine’s rhythm story

22:55 Rotary Time Perception

24:30 Using a shaker to practice strumming & the trouble with thumb strumming

28:50 Air Ukulele

31:25 Solos: A Photo in Time

37:10 Two parts of Music (the Academic Part and the Art Part)

42:20 Tabs vs Musical Notation

52:15 How do you explain swing rhythm?

58:00 Should you try to recreate a good solo that you played during practice when you are performing?

References/resources for this video:
Youtube – Birth of the Cool
Youtube – Kind Of Blue

Youtube – How and Why Classical Musicians Feel Rhythm Differently

Youtube – Alicia Keys feat. Questlove and John Mayer
Youtube –Questlove Lecture

Full Course – Ukulele 100

Aloha Friday Concert Replay – Let’s Get It On
Youtube – While My Guitar Gently Weeps 1
Youtube – While My Guitar Gently Weeps 2
Youtube – While My Guitar Gently Weeps 3
Youtube – Greatest Love of All
UU+ Solos – Senor Viktor

Youtube – Michael Manring 4 Basses
TLL Podcast #46 – Uke Festivals and Beer
Youtube – James Hill playing Ukulele with Chopsticks and a Comb
Youtube – James Hill playing “Billie Jean”
Website – Paul Hemmings

Youtube – Amos Lim EDM Club Remix

Yotube – John Mayer Looping without the first Beat
Yotube – Nahre Sol Explains Looping
Yotube – Aidan James Looping on the Ukulele

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