TLL Podcast #43 – Where Does Art Come From?

Song Writing and Movable Chord Shapes

Aaron (The Voice of Reason) returns, and with him comes a more focused Thursday Live Lesson! The guys answer their very first voicemail question regarding some unusual chords that Magic Mike picked out last week. Light on other questions, they spend the majority of the lesson discussing song writing. Aldrine and Kahai share their weaknesses when it comes to song writing, and Aaron ponders the source of art and creativity. The guys wrap up the lesson with a quick question about movable chord shapes.

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Questions Asked this Week:
4:20 How do you play Amb9 and Bbsus4?

18:40 How can you make Amb9 sound good?

32:10 Brainstorming for future challenges.

36:25 What’s something that would scare you in the song writing challenge?

44:10 Making art and where it comes from.

56:55 How do you play movable 7th chords?

References/resources for this video:
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