TLL Podcast #42 – The Plate Lunch Episode

Memorizing Songs and the Importance of Warming Up

Hopped up on plate lunches and unsupervised with Aaron out of the office, the guys have a free and flowy Live Lesson. Adding to the mischief is Magic Mike, our favorite music theory guru. The guys talk about remembering the chord progressions of songs, transposing on the fly, and the importance of warming up. Kahai unveils his song from the song writing challenge, and Mike helps set the guidelines for the next challenge.

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Questions Asked this Week:
6:25 How do you memorize chord progressions?

17:55 How do you relearn chords after you change the tuning from C to D?

24:55 The importance of warming up.

52:15 Kahai’s Song

1:01:15 The rules of the next challenge.
Key: Dm
Bonus: Ka’au Crater Boys Style, Lyrics, Changes Time-signature

1:11:15 Sneak Peak for the next TLL with Mike.

References/resources for this video:
Youtube – Joy Spring (Clifford Brown)
Youtube – Hit ‘Em Up (Tupac)
Youtube – Hit ‘Em Up Style (Blu Cantrell)

Ukulele 102 – Chord Families
Music Theory – Week 7: Chord Families
Uke Minutes – Chord Families
Uke Lesson – Koke’e
Youtube – Dexter Gordon

Merch Store – AGxAQ Strings

Youtube – Blue Ain’t Your Color (Keith Urban)
TLL Podcast #16 – The Meatball Sub Episode

Instagram – Aldrine’s Cardistry
Aloha Friday Concert – Toccata
Uke Lesson – I Saw the Light
Youtube – Paul Hemmings
UU Market – Diminished Returns with Paul Hemmings
Spotify – Mayrae

Youtube – Kahai’s Song (Breath of the Abyss)
Youtube – Made in Abyss OST
Youtube – Breath of the Wild Soundtrack Analysis

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