Songs Made Easy – Island in the Sun

Learn to play an easy version of “Island in the Sun”

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On this lesson of Songs Made Easy, Aldrine teaches you how to play “Island in the Sun” by Weezer. This version of the song uses 4 easy chords in the key of G! He also shows you a super simple strum pattern too.

If you want to try a version of this song that sticks closer to the original, check out our Island in the Sun Uke Lesson. It’s in the same key, but Aldrine uses an Am7 instead of the simpler Am. He also teaches you a more challenging strum pattern chock-full of chunks, as well as a solo picking.

This will be our last lesson of Songs Made Easy, but you can always check out all of the previous songs we have covered on Songs Made Easy. Stay tuned for lots of new and exciting lesson here on Ukulele Underground, and thank you for watching Songs Made Easy! Keep strummin’

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