TLL Podcast #40 – Ukulele Legacies

Ukulele Styles, Notable Artists, and Instrumental Fate

This week, the guys spend the majority of the lesson discussing different ukulele styles and the evolution of playing through notable artists. Aldrine spits references faster than Eminem performing “Rap God“, while the guys trace the most significant ukulele legacies. They take a quick detour to discuss Ohta-San’s tone, as well as Christmas Albums and trending throwbacks. They finish up the lesson by talking about how “sometimes instruments choose you”.

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Questions Asked this Week:
3:05 Can you name some different ukulele styles and the artists who exemplify them?

23:55 TLDR: Aldrine’s categories of different ukulele styles.

33:40 Where does James Hill fit into all of this?

45:55 How does Ohta-San get a deep tone from a soprano?

51:00 Christmas Albums and Hanson

52:15 How Aldrine’s Kamaka ukulele chose him.

References/resources for this video:
UU+ Forum – Marc’s question
Youtube – Three Bluegrass Banjo Styles Explained
Youtube – ClawHammer Ukulele
Youtube – Tin Pan Alley Ukulele History
Webcam Sessions – Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
Youtube – George Formby

Youtube – Lyle Ritz

Youtube – Ohta-San
Youtube – Peter Moon
Youtube – Eddie Kamae
Youtube – Kawika (Sunday Manoa)
Youtube – Kawika (Ka’au Crater Boys)
Youtube – Guava Jam (The Sunday Manoa)
Youtube – Are You Missing Me

Youtube – Jake Shimabukuro
Youtube – Ukulele Uff and Ukulelezaza

Youtube – Kalei Gamiao
Master Class – Kalei Gamiao
Youtube – Taimane Gardner
UU Podcast – Interview with Taimane Gardner
Youtube – Kelly Boy DeLima
Youtube – Imua Garza
Master Class – Imua Garza
Amazon – Dreamspeaking

I tried guys, but I couldn’t find the PBS video Aldrine was talking about. Here are some related videos for your viewing pleasure.
Youtube – Jake playing Peter Moon’s Kawika
PBS – On Tour (Jake Shimabukuro)
PBS – 203: Jake Shimabukuro
PBS – Long Story Short – Jake Shimabukuro
PBS – Jake’s Drum Strum
Vimeo – Jake Shimabukuro: Life on Four Strings
Youtube – PBS Presents Heart Strings: The Story of the Kamaka Ukulele

Youtube – Imua (The Band)
Youtube – Ohta-San Inspired by Eddie Kamae
Youtube – He Hawai’i Au (Peter Moon)

Youtube – Rhythm of the Falling Rain (Ka’au Crater Boys)
Youtube – Rhythm of the Falling Rain (The Cascades)
Youtube – Brown Eyed Girl (Ka’au Crater Boys)
Uke Lesson – Brown Eyed Girl
Youtube – Stand By Me (Ka’au Crater Boys)
Uke Lesson – Stand By Me
Aloha Friday Jam – Replay (Brown Eyed Girl, Bring Me Your Cup)
Aloha Friday Jam – Replay (Rhythm of the Falling Rain, Stand By Me)
Youtube – Palolo
Youtube – Bodysurfing (Ohta-San)
Youtube – Bodysurfing (Pure Heart)

Youtube – James Hill
UU Podcast – Interview with James Hill

Youtube – Imua Garza and Ernie Cruz Jr.
Youtube – Willie K performs Jewish Hawaiian Ukulele!

Youtube – Jason Arimoto and Aldrine
Youtube – Jason Arimoto plays Kazo Blues
Master Class – Blues Ukulele with Jason Arimoto
UU Market – Blues Ukulele with Jason Arimoto
Youtube – Winter Wonderland (Michael McDonald and Jake Shimabukuro)
Youtube – Jake plays While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Youtube – Benny Chong
Youtube – Gordon Mark

Youtube – A Wonderful Christmas Time (Hanson)

Bonus Ukulele Christmas Videos
Youtube – Winter Wonderland (Ka’au Crater Boys)
Youtube – I Pray on Christmas (Imua Garza and Ernie Cruz Jr.)
Youtube – The Twelve Days of Christmas Hawaiian Style (Pure Heart)

Youtube – Home Alone Again
Youtube – Home Alone Scream 26 years later (Just for fun)
Youtube – Bruno Mars and Cardi B

Uke Lesson – Is There a Place (Feat. Danyo Cummings)

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