The Beatles’ White Album: Five Intros and Solos

Continuing this week’s selection of tracks from The Beatles White Album with five of the best musical moments from the album.

Back in the USSR: Solo


A great solo using the A minor pentatonic scale over a blues shuffle between the major and 6 chords (both of which I cover in depth in the Blues Ukulele ebook). I’ve also included the chorus riff at the end of the solo.

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While My Guitar Gently Weeps: Intro


Way back in the early days of the blog I wrote up the bare bones of this tune to encourage people to come up with their own take on the tune rather than aping Jake’s version. That was a dismal failure.

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Piggies: Harpsichord Solo


A rapid-fire harpsichord solo presumably used to represent the hifalutin piggies. I was expecting this to be impossible to do on uke but add a capo at the third fret and it’s tricky but doable.

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Birthday: Riff


A simple 12 bar blues riff played on a low-G ukulele.

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Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey: Solo


Everybody’s Got… (Tab)

I’m using two ukes here. One playing the chord stabs (top line) and one taking the lead part (bottom line).

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